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Frequently Asked Questions

The attorneys at Rielo Law are seasoned professionals who are here to help you find the best solution to your situation.

Our law firm focus on various aspects of law including: Criminal Defense, Immigration Law, Civil Law, Asset Protection Planning, Estate Planning, Federal Regulations and more. Whatever your needs, our law firm is here to assist you. If your question is not listed below or you have any concerns, please contact our office at 786 454 9873. We are here for you.

  • Do I have to go to court ?

    You have to go to court on your scheduled court date in almost all cases. If you do not go to the scheduled court appearance on time, the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

  • Is it likely you will take my case ?

    After a face-to-face meeting where we can collect and review information from you in reference to your current situation, and after careful consideration of all aspects, a collective decision is make by the firm wether we will be able to lend our expertise to assist you in solving and bringing about a favorable outcome for your case.

    With our experience team of attorneys, we are confident that we will be able to assist you but keep in mind that after careful review, there are some rare instances where a decision is made that our firm may not be the best fit for your needs.

    Every case is different and only after careful review can a decision be made. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment to access your current situation today.

  • As My Case Works Its Way Through The Legal System, Will You ALWAYS Look Me In The Eye And Tell Me What You HONESTLY Think And Believe As Opposed To What You Think I Want To Hear?

    When it comes to getting advice from your lawyer, honest opinions and feedback are absolutely necessary. If you have a good case, we will tell you. If your case is weak or has other difficult legal issues you need to know about that up front as well. We will do our utmost best and work tirelessly to get you the most favorable outcome, but at all times, as your case progress, we will be upfront and honest with you.

  • How can I tell if I am likely to receive a favorable settlement or verdict ?

    We can make no guarantees. Even the best prepared, most experienced lawyer can go to trial and lose. This is a normal risk in the jury system. We do fully prepare every case to go to trial, hire the right experts, conduct a thorough investigation and thorough research, and take depositions of all persons with information. The State, insurance companies and other enterties know of our successful track record and expect us to be well prepared. Our history speaks for itself. Still, once again, even the best prepared cases cannot guarantee a favorable verdict or settlement. Each case must be evaluated on its merits.

  • What do you charge ?

    Good representation may come at a steep, but not unreasonable, price. Please call us to schedule an appointment we will be happy to discuss our fees with you and help bring about a reasonable solution to your situation.

  • If another lawyer refer you to me, does that mean that my case will cost me more money ?

    Referral by another attorney has nothing to do with your fees. Your fees are based solely on the amount of work we put into your case. Please call us to schedule an appointment; we would be happy to discuss our fees with you.

  • How long will my case take ?

    There is no definite timeframe to the completion or resolution of a case. Depending on many factors–including the facts of your case, the defendant, the lawyer on the other side, and the judge we draw–your, case could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to resolve.

    At Rielo Law, we do work tirelessly to bring about a swift and successful resolution to your case.
  • Who will work on my case ?

    The Rielo Law Firm is dedicated to advancing matters serving South Florida's working people. No case is too large or too small to receive the necessary commitment of our resource.

    Virtually everyone in the office has input on some aspect of each case. The Rielo Law Firm uses a team approach to cases and meets frequently to plan strategy, share information and advance your case.

    Our experienced trial lawyers will work closely together and with you in the effort to achieve the best possible result for you. Our team approach allows us to handle the tough battles for you. You know your lawyer.

  • Can my lawyer settle my case without telling me ?

    A lawyer may not settle a case without the consent of the client. If you have signed a release and then change your mind about the settlement, the settlement may be enforced.

  • What can I do when a collection attorney is harassing me to pay up ?

    Opposing counsel are supposed to be zealous advocates for their clients. You should consider seeking legal advice about how to respond to the demand for payment, particularly if you have a dispute about the amount owed. Find out about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and what you can do to make bill collectors stop bothering you.

  • How will you inform me of developments in my case?

    As your case progress or if there are any major developments in your case we will keep you informed by telephone call, email or other written correspondence. It is your responsiblitiy to make sure we have your current telephone number, physical and email address.

  • What are my rights as a client ?

    When you retain an attorney, you have 10 Basic Rights that your attorney should adhere to:.

    1. You are entitled to an attorney who will be capable of handling your cace.

    2. You are entitled to an attorney who willrepresent you zealously and seek any lawful means to present or defend your case..

    3. You are entitled to an attorney who will preserve your confidenses, secrets or statements which you reveal in the course of your relationship..

    4. You are entitled to an attorney who will give you the right to make the ultimate decision on the objectives to be persued in your case..

    5. You are entitled to an attorney who will charge you a reasonable fee and tell you, in advance of being hired and upon your request, the basis of that rate..

    6. You are entitled to an attorney who will show you courtesy and consideration at all times.

    7. You are entitled to an attorney who will exercise independent professional judgement on your behalf, free from compromising influences.

    8. You are entitled to an attorney who will inform you periodically about the status of your case and, at your request, give you copies of documents prepared.

    9. You are entitled to an attorney who will exhibit the highest degree of ethical conduct.

    10. You are entitled to an attorney who will refer you to other legal counsel, if she or he cannot properly represent you.

  • How Can I get a copy of my file ?

    The file is personal property of the lawyer. However, you are entitled to a copy of your file. Your lawyer may charge reasonable copying cost to reproduce it. Any original materials you provided to your lawyer are your property and should be returned upon request without cost unless your lawyer is asserting a lien for fees.

  • Can my attorney withdraw from my case ?

    Yes, most of the time. But if your case is already in court, the attorney will be required to get permission from the judge to withdraw.

  • If I call or email for information, when can I expect a return phone call or email?

    At the Rielo Law Firm, we try to return most correspondence the same day. You should expect a response to your correspondence within 24 hours.